A very warm welcome

to all who pass our doors, in the name of Jesus the Christ. It is by Him that this Reformed Church came into being, it is through Him that it has been sustained for more than 110 years, and it is for Him that it continues to preach His Gospel and show His love in the community.

Minister's message

for November 2014

"He (Jesus) went through every city and village, preaching and bringing the Good News of the Kingdom of God."

Luke 8:1

Years ago I read a story of two brothers in the American frontier who went searching for gold.

After a long search they found a rich vein of gold and hurried into the town to file their claim. The brothers agreed they wouldn't say a word about what they had found lest someone should find their spot and try to take it from them.

Without revealing their secret they filed their claim, bought some supplies, and headed back to their claim. After a few hundred meters the brothers turned around to see the entire town was following them. No, they hadn't said anything ... but their faces had glowed with their good news.

This got me wondering, how do we handle our good news?

No, I'm not talking about finding gold.. I'm talking about the Good News, which comes to us in Jesus. How do we handle that Good News?

Do our faces radiate with the joy which comes from sins forgiven and the knowledge that heaven and not hell awaits us when we die? Do we find it impossible to contain the hope that is ours with faith in Jesus, or do we do all we can to make sure nobody knows our lives have been transformed, changed by God's Son, who sacrificed Himself , so we might be freed from sin and death?

How do we handle it? I don't have an answer to that, but I do know what the Lord wants us to do: He wants us to share the Saviour's story of salvation wherever and with whomever we can. That's why here at Charlton, we have embarked upon a year of out-reach into the community, to make Jesus known in the area.

After all, good news is always worth sharing.

Every blessing,